1911 Summer Street, Stamford, CT

October 2021: Jeremiah A Houlihan and James Coleman of Houlihan-Parnes Properties have arranged 1st mortgage financing in the amount of $575,000 for the acquisition of a 2,600 sq. ft. office building located at 1911 Summer Street in Stamford, CT .  The building will be renovated & converted to a single-family residence & the parking lot in the rear will be developed into four (4) townhouses attached to the rear of the building.  The construction will be in accordance with Connecticut’s  “Historical 7.3 Special Exemption” program.

The loan was arranged through the private financing arm of Houlihan-Parnes Properties, HP Capital LLC.  It has an 18-month term and is payable monthly with interest only.  We are a Direct Lender available for construction, renovations, acquisitions for all types of real estate and scenarios.  We are flexible, focused and can close quickly.