GHP Office Realty

GHP Office Realty owns, manages, and leases a number of commercial properties in the tri-state area. They also provide third party services including management, leasing, and tenant representation.

Houlihan-Parnes Properties

Houlihan-Parnes Properties is a Houlihan-Parnes Realtors affiliated management company under James K. Coleman’s supervision. The company manages a number of Houlihan Parnes investment properties and provides third party management services.

Coolidge Equities

Coolidge Equities is a Houlihan Parnes affiliated investment company that concentrates on acquisition, property oversight and dispositions of a substantial number of investment properties throughout the United States.

HP Capital

HP Capital is a Houlihan Parnes affiliated mortgage servicing department which has been a continuous operation for over 30 years. Loans are serviced on behalf of private and institutional investors.

Q10 NY

Q10 New York Realty Advisors is a national leader in real estate capital. The company features highly experienced finance professionals with unsurpassed access to capital.

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Houlihan-Parnes is a member of the
Bronx-Manhattan Board of Realtors